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We consult with educators, parents, and companies on how to help young people discover their purpose.

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About Belle & Tim

Informed by a combined 40+ years of research and practice in the field, our purpose is to cultivate a shared language of purposeful belonging that parents, professionals and students can use to gain self-knowledge and to connect more authentically with one another.

Dr. Belle Liang
Psychologist, Professor, Parent
Tim Klein, LCSW
Counselor, Educator, Dad

How we can help

We'll teach you the Five Principles of Purpose and show you how to leverage them in school, work, and life.



Avoid the pitfalls of the performance & passion mindsets and become your best self by committing to a purpose mindset.



Unlock the power of intrinsic motivation by learning to play growth games even when competing in fixed games.


Skill sets

Thrive in a rapidly changing world of work by future-proofing your skills as a creator, facilitator, or driver.


Value Archetypes

Find your people and your place by adding value as a Trailblazer, Builder, Champion, or Guardian.


Needs in the world

Change the world to change yourself by meeting the big five needs in the world.


Purpose Crafting

Use the five principles of purpose as a decision-making framework and shared language when navigating school, work, & life.


Cultivate your purpose

Become purpose & belonging informed.


Bring us to your school or organization to learn how to apply the science of cultivating purpose in your community. 



Engage in highly interactive and dynamic workshops to experience first-hand the power of purpose & belonging. 



Draw from our curriculum, assessments, & coaching to transform your school or organization into a purpose & belonging informed community.

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Discover your purpose and values with our assessments

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Introducing the book
How to Navigate Life

Discover how two award-winning educators and mental health professionals have distilled 40+ years of combined experience in purpose development and mentoring to create a decision-making framework for navigating life's biggest decisions.